TALK ABOUT RECORDS is an independent label born in Santu Lussurgiu, Sardinia, in 2008 that In these years released Rock’n’Roll, Punk Rock and Blues music: Talk About Records works with King Howl, River of Gennargentu, The Giannies, Adtsl, Donnie, K’e’K’e’m, The Blues Against Youth, Dondiego & Antagonista, Sunsweet Blues Revenge, Don Leone. In the meantime, the label is involved in the production of vary musical events: the creation of concerts and festivals, as Vulcani, Talk About Fest, Spiseddadura, and special events as the Blues New Years’ Eve, merges with the planning of national and European tours for bands like band come King Howl, Limestone Whale, Rekkiabilly, The Giannies.

Talk About Records is also official partner of the streetwear brand Reeson, with whom works to special projects included in the activities of Reeson Electric Division, musical division of the brand. The label has also been the main character of two showcases inside the prestigious festival Time in Jazz, directed by the musician Paolo Fresu.

Talk About has been mentioned by La Repubblica, XL, Rockit, L’Unità, Il Manifesto, Radio 1 Rai, Rock Hard, Buscadero, Unione Sarda, Videolina, Rockit, Moby Dick Radio 2, Soda Shop (USA), Cosmic Lava (GER), Rock Times (GER), Stoner Rock GR (GRE), Musiczine (FR) and many more.

114 Bond Street, A1C1T7
St John’s, NL, Canada
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